For those who are looking to unlock their potential, Author, Speaker, and Personal Finance Coach Cory J. Chapman's newest book and workshop titled, "Break Through" provides seven strategies to accomplish goals and achieve success.



The creative mind behind the well-known “What If” 30 Day Personal Coaching Challenge and “Money, Markets, and the $54 Hat” is now launching a book and workshop which helps readers and participants unlock their greatest potential through seven strategies to achieve success. The book and workshop is titled “BreakThrough” and promotes people’s unlocking of their true selves. Fear, procrastination, and a lack of knowing oneself often prevent individuals from achieving their possibilities for accomplishments. By “BreakingThrough," readers of the newly launched book are able to complete measurable tasks to reach the level of success they desire. The author of this book and leader of the workshop, Cory J. Chapman, has seventeen years of experience in the world of finance and business and a self-proclaimed “Solutionist." Chapman’s goal is to help individuals change their mindset and pursue their greatest passions. Through his coaching expertise, Chapman has crafted the “BreakThrough” program which is specially designed for ease of use for those committed to success. Through seven strategies detailed in the “BreakThrough” book and workshop, Chapman is able to assist individuals in unlocking their fullest potential. The launch of this book will be kick-started with a webinar and initial workshop in California , Navada , Arizona and New York.